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Bugden & Isaacson, L.L.C., represents clients throughout Utah in an array of criminal matters, including white collar crimes, drug crimes, DUI, and sex offenses. Our attorneys also handle civil matters, including family law, business, and other civil litigation, and cases involving police misconduct. The following are recent victories by the firm:

DUI Victories:

Ms. Isaacson won a driver’s license hearing on a refusal case. The client faced a 36 month suspension due to a prior offense. She successfully argued that there was insufficient evidence to arrest her client, despite a citizen witness who claimed that her client was driving erratically. Ms. Isaacson demonstrated that the arresting officer did not perform the field sobriety tests according to national standards.

Mr. Bugden won the driver's license hearing and had the DUI charge dismissed in a single car rollover on the freeway. Mr. Bugden persuaded the driver’s license division and the judge that the driver’s performance on the field sobriety test did not establish probable cause to believe that the driver was impaired and that the arrest was therefore unlawful. The .12 Intoxilyzer test result was thrown out, the case dismissed, and the driver kept his driver’s license.

Ms. Isaacson obtained a complete dismissal of a DUI involving a refusal and a blood test of .09 after the officer obtained a warrant. Ms. Isaacson persuaded the drivers’ license division not to revoke her client’s license for 18 months. She then persuaded a Third District Court Judge to suppress the evidence after the Judge concluded that there was insufficient evidence for probable cause. The case also involved issues related to the client’s diabetic condition. No action was taken against the drivers’ license and the DUI was dismissed completely.

Mr. Bugden won a driver’s license division hearing after the driver was stopped for making a wide turn and speeding. Although the officer testified that the driver did not do well on the field sobriety tests, the cross examination showed the officer did not follow protocol for administering sobriety tests. Mr. Bugden also got the officer to admit that he failed to examine the driver’s mouth before administering the intoxilyzer test. The driver kept her license.

Mr. Bugden won a driver’s license hearing and had the DUI dismissed when a driver was stopped at a roadblock. The driver failed field sobriety tests and tested positive for the presence of marijuana in her blood. But Mr. Bugden persuaded the chief of the police department that a mistake had been made in the chain of custody of the driver’s blood sample and the case was dismissed.

Mr. Bugden won a driver’s license hearing for a driver stopped for speeding 96 mph on the freeway. The driver failed all of field sobriety tests and blew a .181 on the intoxilyzer. Mr. Bugden persuaded the administrative review panel that the driver was illegally arrested because the driver told the trooper before the field sobriety test, that he had suffered a torn ACL and needed surgery. The administrative review panel agreed that the tests were not reliable indicators of impairment because of the injury.

Mr. Bugden convinced a judge that a driver pulling from the private parking lot onto a street did not violate any traffic laws by failing to signal upon entering the roadway. The judge agreed that the stop was illegal. The .179 breath test was thrown out, and the case was dismissed.

Ms. Isaacson represented a client charged with DUI and open container. She won an acquittal in the Salt Lake City Justice Court on both counts. Her client blew a .179 on the intoxilyzer. Three Salt Lake City police officers, a civilian witness, and a trooper with the Utah Highway Patrol all testified against her client. Ms. Isaacson was able to persuade the jury that the breath test results were not reliable and that her client did not possess an open container.

Sex Offenses:

The firm represented a client charged with eleven counts of sexual abuse including Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child, Rape of a Child and Sodomy on a Child. Most of the charges included mandatory prison. After extensive cross-examination of the alleged victim by Ms. Isaacson at the preliminary hearing and the presentation of a number of witnesses by the defense, Judge Claudia Laycock dismissed all charges against the defendant. The Judge commented in her oral ruling that in her years on the bench, she had never before dismissed charges after a preliminary hearing in a sexual abuse case.

The firm represented a defendant accused of sexual abuse by a niece. At a preliminary hearing, evidence was presented by the defense of the accuser’s behavior on Facebook and other websites to demonstrate that the accuser was not a credible witness. All charges were dismissed against the defendant after the preliminary hearing. The firm subsequently represented the client in a lawsuit against DCFS. The findings by the agency were successfully set aside.

The firm represented a client accused of Rape involving allegations by an estranged spouse.  All charges were dismissed against their client after extensive pre-trial motions were argued about the motives and bias of the complaining witness.

Drug cases:

Mr. Bugden persuaded the Salt Lake County Attorney's office to not file charges against two women transporting 43 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of their rental car. Mr. Bugden successfully argued that the 45-minute delay awaiting the arrival of a drug sniffing dog unlawfully extended the detention longer than was necessary for a minor traffic stop.

Mr. Bugden represented a client charged with Possession of Marijuana. Mr. Bugden persuaded the prosecutor that the arresting officer exceeded the proper scope of a pat down search when she removed an item from the client’s pocked that the officer admittedly knew was not a weapon. All charges were dismissed.

Homicide cases:

Mr. Bugden represented a client accused of being an accomplice in a stabbing murder. As a result of immediately interviewing witnesses to the stabbing, Mr. Bugden was able to persuade the prosecutor that the defendant was a witness to the murder, but not an accomplice to the homicide. Client was charged with Obstruction of Justice and Assault; but never charged with murder.

Domestic Violence cases:

Ms. Isaacson represented a client who was falsely accused by his wife of domestic violence. She claimed two instances of abuse and provided photographs of bruises to the police. At a bench trial, the judge dismissed all charges against the defendant upon Ms. Isaacson’s motion at the end of the City’s case. A bruise expert was retained to refute the photographic evidence. The wife also filed false protective order violation charges against the defendant. Ms. Isaacson was able to get those charges dismissed as well.

White Collar cases:

Mr. Bugden represented a client convicted of five counts of Wire Fraud with over one million dollars loss to multiple victims / investors. Mr. Bugden convinced the judge to impose a 27 month sentence rather than 46 month sentenced urged by the Government.

Ms. Isaacson successfully persuaded a federal judge to terminate supervised probation on a white collar defendant who still owed a significant amount of restitution. The Judge rejected the prosecution’s opposition and found the termination to be in the interests of justice.

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