White Collar Crimes

Bugden & Isaacson represents clients throughout the state of Utah in a range of criminal matters, including cases involving white-collar crime. Traditionally, these crimes include mortgage fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, identity theft, pension fund crimes, RICO crimes, forgery, and numerous types of fraud, such as consumer fraud, financial fraud, securities fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud.

Public outrage over high-profile crimes committed by executives at large corporations has created pressure for more stringent investigation, enforcement, and penalties for individuals alleged to have engaged in white-collar criminal activity. If you have been charged with a crime such as fraud or embezzlement, seek advice from an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if you are only under investigation, it is important to have a trusted lawyer to guide you and protect your legal rights. Penalties for white collar crimes vary widely depending on the facts of the case, but frequently include incarceration. Additionally, a conviction for any crime involving dishonesty can have significant lasting effects on your career.

For over 4 years, the firm represented a defendant accused of Medicaid fraud. The case involved hundreds of thousands of documents and dozens of witnesses. On the eve of a three week jury trial, Ms. Isaacson persuaded the judge to dismiss all the charges against her client. She successfully argued that the Government had failed to properly preserve evidence in the case that could have helped to defend her client.

The firm also represented a title company escrow agent who was accused of being involved in a fraudulent real estate scheme. After a multi-day preliminary hearing, the judge threw out the case and agreed with the defense that there was not enough evidence to go forward with trial. This was the result of extensive briefing and aggressive cross-examination of State’s witnesses.

In 2012 Mr. Bugden represented a client convicted of five counts of Wire Fraud with over one million dollars loss to multiple victims / investors. Mr. Bugden convinced the judge to impose a 27 month sentence rather than 46 month sentenced urged by the Government.

Ms. Isaacson represented a defendant in West Virginia. The case involved multiple co-defendants and millions of dollars in losses. Due to early and aggressive intervention, she was able to negotiate a significant reduction of prison time for her client.

In the fall of 2009, we represented a client accused of Wire Fraud. A two and a half week jury trial was held in federal court. After dozens of witnesses and thousands of exhibits were presented to the jury, they acquitted our client of two counts and could not come to a decision on the remaining counts. This resulted in a hung jury. Despite the Government’s aggressive prosecution of our client, including flying multiple witnesses from overseas, we were able to persuade the jury not to convict our client.

Ultimately, our client entered a plea to Misprison of a Felony. He did not have to serve any jail time. The Government sought over six million dollars ($6,000,000.00) in restitution. We were able to persuade the Judge to reduce the restitution figure to $751,876.00. We also persuaded the Securities and Exchange Commission to withdraw its lifetime ban (injunction) against our client from engaging in securities transactions.

We have represented many white collar defendants in both state and federal court.

At Bugden & Isaacson, our attorneys have considerable expertise in handling cases involving white-collar crime. Bugden & Isaacson lawyers have developed a reputation for excellence in trial advocacy. To learn more about how we can help protect your rights, contact us today at (855) 467-1700.

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