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Bugden & Isaacson, LLC, provides aggressive defense representation for individuals who have been charged with crimes in the state of Utah, including cases involving sexual offenses. From 2000 to the present we won 12 acquittals in cases ranging from rape, aggravated sexual abuse of a minor, enticement of a minor on-line to lewdness. At Bugden & Isaacson we work as a team to represent you. We try all felony cases together.

If you have been charged with committing a sex crime, you need a skilled trial attorney to advise you and advocate for you. A conviction for a sexual offense can result in serious consequences, including mandatory imprisonment for lengthy terms and mandatory registration as a sex offender for a minimum of ten (10) years. Even if you are not convicted, you can still face serious consequences in your personal life after an arrest for rape, sexual abuse, or any other sex offense. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand your options and preserve all of your legal rights.

At Bugden & Isaacson, LLC, we have earned a reputation for providing quality and successful defense representation in high-profile cases and advocating zealously for criminal defendants with unpopular causes.

Whenever a client is accused of a sexual offense, whether it is sexual abuse of a child or rape, it is critically important that the defense team carefully scrutinize all of the evidence in the case. Background investigations of witnesses in preparation for preliminary hearings and trial is critically important. In addition, it is sometimes helpful to retain experts to testify about interview techniques. Interviewers can engage in questioning that can be suggestive, badgering or improper for young witnesses. Once suggestive questioning has tainted a child witness, it is impossible to tell whether the child witness is repeating a coached story or telling the truth.

In addition, there is often physical evidence that will be gathered from a crime scene or physical examination. A well-qualified expert is often necessary to combat the evidence presented by the prosecution. Our firm has had great success in gathering evidence and preparing experts to combat the State’s evidence.

If our firm is retained prior to charges being filed, we can often intervene and persuade detectives and/or prosecutors not to go forward with charges. It is critical that accused persons obtain counsel as soon as possible so that steps can be taken prior to charges being filed to put the client in the best position possible. This often includes interviewing witnesses before they have been intimidated or tainted by the police or prosecutor’s office.

In Third District Court, the firm represented a client accused of improperly touching a child who was staying in his home. He was acquitted after a jury trial. The firm aggressively defended the case and called an expert to testify about improper police investigation. Another psychological expert was called to testify about potential problems in the child’s memory of the events due to pressure by adults. The State relied heavily on the participation of a University of Utah law professor to limit the defense opportunity to examine the child witness. Nonetheless, the jury found our client not guilty of all charges.

In January of 2013, the firm represented a client charged with eleven counts of sexual abuse including Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child, Rape of a Child and Sodomy on a Child. Most of the charges included mandatory prison. After extensive cross-examination of the alleged victim by Ms. Isaacson at the preliminary hearing and the presentation of a number of witnesses by the defense, Judge Claudia Laycock dismissed all charges against the defendant. The Judge commented in her oral ruling that in her years on the bench, she had never before dismissed charges after a preliminary hearing in a sexual abuse case.

The firm represented a client charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child. Prior to the preliminary hearing in the matter, the firm thoroughly investigated the case and subpoenaed multiple witnesses to testify. We were able to demonstrate a strong motive on the part of the child and a parent to falsely accuse our client. The prosecution dismissed all charges at the start of the scheduled preliminary hearing.

Mr. Bugden and Ms. Isaacson successfully defended a client accused of five counts of Sodomy on a Child and one count of Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child, all first degree felonies that carry minimum mandatory prison terms. The case was presented to a jury who found their client not guilty on all counts.

Ms. Isaacson was retained to represent a client who had turned over a computer to be searched in the context of a sex offense investigation. She was able to intervene and stop the search of the computer. No charges were filed.

Mr. Bugden represented a client who disclosed to a university therapist that he was viewing child pornography on his computer. The university reported the matter to law enforcement. Due to Mr. Bugden’s involvement, no charges were filed.

The firm represented a client accused of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child in Salt Lake City. The firm thoroughly investigated the case and prepared a strong defense. The prosecution dismissed the charges the morning of preliminary hearing.
Despite the dismissal above, DCFS would not unsupport the finding of abuse in their database. The firm defended the client in trial before the juvenile court and successfully persuaded the judge that the allegations were unreliable. DCFS was ordered to unsupport the finding of abuse.

Mr. Bugden represented a client accused of first degree felony Rape. He was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charge against his client after developing evidence of inconsistent stories by the complaining witness and offering a convincing motive for the woman to falsely accuse the “one night stand” barfly defendant.

Ms. Isaacson represented a juvenile accused of sexual abuse. She was able to intervene during the investigation and persuaded law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office not to file charges.

Mr. Bugden was hired when his client was under investigation for sexually abusing his six (6) year old daughter. Aggressive defense persuaded the prosecutor to not file any charges.

Mr. Bugden represented a client accused of enticement of a minor over the Internet. Mr. Bugden was able to resolve the case at the misdemeanor level and avoided sex offense registration by aggressively defending the case.

In Logan, Utah, a young client was accused of rape. The case went to trial before a jury, but the judge in the case dismissed the charges after the prosecution presented their evidence. The judge agreed with the argument by Bugden and Isaacson that the prosecution had failed to produce enough evidence to support a case going to the jury. It is highly unusual for a judge to dismiss a case at the close of prosecution’s evidence, and even more unusual in a case of alleged rape.

In Salt Lake City, the firm represented a client who was accused of sexually abusing his step-daughter. The case went to trial and the firm was able to persuade the jury that their client had been falsely accused due to conflicts in the family over divorce. In addition, the Department of Child and Family Services had supported a finding for sexual abuse against the client in their dat6abase. After the successful criminal trial, the firm challenged this finding and a trial was conducted in the Juvenile Court. The judge agreed that the finding was unjustified and their clients’ name was removed from the database.

The firm successfully defended a grandfather who was accused of sexually abusing his great-granddaughter and a neighbor. The firm challenged the suggestive interview techniques that were used on the young children. The defense called Dr. Stephen Golding as an expert in the matter to offer expert testimony about the improper nature of the young accusers. The great-grandfather was acquitted of all charges.

If you have been arrested for a sex crime in Salt Lake City, Park City, or anywhere in the state of Utah, seek advice from criminal defense attorneys with a track record of success in cases involving sexual offenses. Contact Bugden & Isaacson, LLC today at (855) 467-1700.

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