Criminal Law Overview

Bugden & Isaacson is a Utah law firm known for providing aggressive advocacy and achieving outstanding results for criminal defendants across the State.  We have offices in both Salt Lake City and Park City.  We have represented defendants in cities across the State of Utah.  We provide defense representation before state courts, federal courts, and administrative agencies, and are experienced in all of the following areas:

Assault & Domestic Violence

Bugden & Isaacson represents clients who have been charged with assault and domestic violence in Utah.  Whether you have been charged with abuse, aggravated assault, or were arrested after a domestic dispute, our experienced criminal defense lawyers can help you protect your rights.

Examples of the firm’s success in this area:

Ms. Isaacson persuaded a Third District Court judge to dismiss all charges against her client, including Criminal Mischief and Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child after arguing that the property damaged was joint legal property and that the children were asleep when the incident occurred.

In the Holladay Justice Court, Ms. Isaacson obtained an acquittal for a client accused of domestic violence.  She persuaded the jury that the accusations were false and were being made to gain advantage in a divorce proceeding.

Ms. Isaacson has successfully defended a number of clients in jury trials involving accusations of domestic violence.

Computer & Internet Crimes

Bugden & Isaacson has represented numerous clients charged with “enticing a minor over the internet” in both state and federal courts.  In the District Court in Ogden, we obtained an acquittal for our client.  In a federal court case, we were able to reduce a recommended sentence of 48 months to 24 months.

We also have extensive experience representing clients accused of possessing child pornography.  The defense of these cases requires expertise and experience to handle the highly technical evidence.  It is also important in some cases to retain experts to evaluate the computer evidence.  We have successfully intervened in the investigation phase of these cases and prevented the filing of charges.  We have also negotiated felony charges down to the misdemeanor level.

Juvenile Law

The juvenile justice system is quite different from the adult system.  When a juvenile is accused of a crime, probation reports and detention hearings greatly impact the eventual outcome of the case.  Even if the offense seems minor, there can be serious consequences that follow a child into adulthood.  Attorneys at Bugden & Isaacson can help families advocate for their children and place them in the best possible position to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

Weapons Crimes

At Bugden & Isaacson, our attorneys are experienced in a range of criminal law matters, including weapons crimes.  Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the charge, penalties for weapons crimes can vary widely.  For example, “carrying a concealed dangerous weapon” can be a misdemeanor or a felony, with sentences ranging from six months in jail to 15 years in prison.

We represented a client in federal court for possession a weapon by a restricted person.  We were able to negotiate a resolution where the client did not serve any time and did not have to be on probation.

For more information on specific types of criminal charges, visit our pages about drug crimes, DUI, sex offenses, or white collar crimes.

Other Felony Offenses

In Davis County, Ms. Isaacson obtained a dismissal of a Communication Fraud charge by successfully arguing that the prosecution had filed the charge too late and had not met the statute of limitations.

The firm obtained a dismissal at preliminary hearing in Davis County on charges of Negligent Homicide, a third degree felony.  The attorneys successfully argued that the State could not meet the probable cause burden for the case to go forward.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

Whether you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, there are many critical decisions to be made.  If you have not been charged and the police request an interview, you should always decline to be interviewed without a lawyer present.  Choices about how to proceed should only be made with the assistance of competent defense counsel.  Until you have consulted with competent counsel, you should assert your constitutional right to remain silent and to have the advice of counsel.  If our experienced trial attorneys get involved early in the process, we can often have an influence on whether and what kinds of charges are filed.  Once a charge is filed, we can employ many legal tactics to help put you in a better position at trial.

To learn more about our services or to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your case, contact Bugden & Isaacson, today at (801) 467-1700.

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